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Features of the year
Author: ebaitiancms Source: Datetime: 2012-01-02 00:41:18 Hits: 7786

1. Scientists on trial: At fault?
In 2009, an earthquake devastated the Italian city of L'Aquila and killed more than 300 people. Now, scientists are on trial for manslaughter.
14 September 2011

2. Work ethic: The 24/7 lab
Working weekends. Leaving at midnight. Friday evening meetings. Does science come out the winner?
31 August 2011

3. Virology: Fighting for a cause
When Judy Mikovits found links between chronic fatigue syndrome and a virus, the world took notice. Now, she's caught between the patients who believe her work and the researchers who don't.
14 March 2011

4. Animal research: The Radical
Researcher by day and activist by night, Joseph Harris was leading an untenable double life that eventually landed him in prison.
23 February 2011

5. Epidemiology: Study of a lifetime
In 1946, scientists started tracking thousands of British children born during one cold March week. On their 65th birthday, the study members find themselves more scientifically valuable than ever before.
1 March 2011

6. Stem cells: The Crusader
Theresa Deisher once shunned religion for science. Now, with renewed faith, she is fighting human-embryonic-stem-cell research in court.
9 February 2011

7. Science publishing: The trouble with retractions
A surge in withdrawn papers is highlighting weaknesses in the system for handling them.
5 October 2011

8. Ancient DNA: Curse of the Pharaoh's DNA
Some researchers claim to have analysed DNA from Egyptian mummies. Others say that's impossible. Could new sequencing methods bridge the divide?
27 April 2011

9. Seth Stein: The Quake Killer
The US government says that a huge earthquake risk lurks in the heart of the country, where a series of large shocks hit 200 years ago. Seth Stein says that kind of warning is dead wrong.
9 November 2011

10. Religion: Faith in science
The Templeton Foundation claims to be a friend of science. So why does it make so many researchers uneasy?
16 February 2011

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